Cellulite ~ Slimming Program

We offer a comprehensive program to treat localized and resistant cellulite. Your therapist will recommend a course of treatments and an easy home care routine for optimal results.

Prepaid Package of 4 55 min $506

(must be used in 3 months)

Remodel Intense $149

  • Intense treatment 
  • Thermogenic action
  • Improved circulation
  • Toned body contour

Cellulite Mud $149

  • Vigorous detoxifying treatment
  • Accelerates the body’s metabolism
  • Effective slimming action
  • Stimulates fat breakdown and lymphatic flow

Algae Peel $149

  • Powerful treatment
  • Combines algae and active ingredients
  • Improve shape and tone
  • Tissues are re-mineralized
  • Fat burning process is encouraged

Gentle Body Resource $149

  • Anti-cellulite and aromatherapy combined
  • Elasticizing refreshing body mask
  • A gentle approach to cellulite treatment

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