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Fresh Pacific Seaweed & Canadian Glacial Clay to remineralize and rebalance. The essence of healing can be found through the power of nature’s plants and waters. All products are formulated with ingredients renowned for their curative properties;an essential part of helping one achieve vibrant healthy skin.

BC Ocean Wrap 55 min $129

Remineralize ~ Rebalance ~Heal

Remineralize the skin using Canadian Pacific Organic products in our soothing and nourishing Ocean Wrap. A warm full body sea salt exfoliation removes impurities and toxins, preparing the skin to receive the essence of healing products. Escape in the aromatherapy massage, relaxing and destressing.  Enveloped in a warm wrap to allow for maximum permeation. Seaweed fronds are placed on the eyes to address dry, tired and puffy eyes. The curative properties of the ocean will promote mood balance; while you are “drifting” a comforting foot massage helps to calm and heal.

Lastly, a light glacial misting revitalizes and prepares the skin for a rich application of nourishing Pacific Seaweed Body Butter; imparting a healthy glow.  

Grotta Giusti Spa Mud Wrap 55 min $129

Remineralize ~ Purify

Ideal for everyone as it eases sore muscles aches and pains. Revitalize, purify and re mineralize the tissues in a warm creamy thermal mud from Italy that contains exclusive properties. The perfect renewal for stress or fatigue.

* Safe for pregnant women

D Age Firming and Toning Wrap 55min $139

Reduce ~ Remodel ~ Firm ~ Tonify

A replenishing treatment bestowing elasticity and restoring moisture balance to the skin, improving compactness and tone. Ideal treatment for after sun exposure or for dry skin.

Bust Treatment add on to any treatment  $69

Renew ~ Nourish

A firming and toning treatment for the delicate area of the bust. Bestowing nourishment and hydration to ensure supple and elastic skin. Inhibits the appearance of stretch marks.

* Safe for pregnancy

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