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How often should you get a facial?

August 27, 2018

There are five essential things that the skin is continually protecting the body from. There are several other things that the skin is able to defend the body and other organs from, but the list below includes the most applicable and important.

  1. Temperature: The skin assists to regulate the body’s temperature, control loss of moisture and maintain the overall balance of fluids in the body.

  2. Disease: The skin works to neutralize invaders from the outside world. These aggressors can be bacteria, viruses, fungi and/or pollution. Healthy skin inhibits all of these from entering the body and causing added complications.

  3. UV Rays: An overexposure to the sun’s rays can cause harmful free radicals. These are aggressive molecules that cause cell damage. The skin is able to protect our bodies from a lot of the damage that free radicals could cause if they were not neutralized.

  4. Chemicals: The body’s skin is the first line of defense against the aggressive chemical formulas that we may encounter on a day-to-day basis. This means chemicals in the workplace or even chemicals in cleaning supplies at home. If these chemicals had free entrance into our bodies, they could do endless amounts of damage. The skin can help to prevent this from happening.

  5. Pressure, bruises and scratches: The skin is able to distinguish pain and send signals to the brain telling you that your body might be in jeopardy. The skin then acts as a warning system, barrier and shock absorber when the body comes into contact with something that has the potential to harm it.

As our skin especially that on our face, neck and decollate is exposed to UVA and UVB rays, pollution indoor and outdoor as well as cold, wind and chemicals we need to pay special attention to those areas. Skin is our first line of defense from bacteria, protection from the elements. Our skins are constantly changing as a result of aging, hormones, stress, sleep, diet, exposure to blue light (smart phones, IPads, and computers) and lifestyle.

At the very least I would recommend coming in to see a professional skin care therapist when the seasons change. Your esthetician should perform a thought assessment of all of the factors that may be affecting your skin and then provide a customized personal treatment for your skin’s requirements that day. If you want to see changes in the way your skin is looking and feeling it will take a “team” effort and some time. Your skin did not just arrive in its current state overnight. Understand that regular facial treatments can slow down and in some cases reverse the aging process, reducing wrinkles and improve tone, sensitivity and uneven tones.

We also treat adult acne and rosacea as well as urban lifestyle conditions. The results of a professional treatment should last anywhere from four to six weeks, that is why your skin care specialist will recommend that you come back regularly and they will use professional grade treatments to achieve your goals. Your part is to use the prescribed products that are suited to your skin’s conditions to continue the effects and illicit and response and see the changes you are hoping to see.

Together as a team, we can make sure that you have the best and healthiest skin possible.

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