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How to deal with sensitive skin

April 3, 2018

Dealing with sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is an unpredictable and complex condition that comprises a number of symptoms that can be seen and measured on the surface of the skin. The chief symptoms include flushing, which can be accompanied by localized redness and dilated blood vessels that are either short-term or chronic.

Yet for some people, sensitivity is not as noticeable, and their symptoms are “experienced” and felt due to a subclinical inflammatory cascade that can cause heightened neurosensory responses, resulting in uncomfortable and even painful sensations - a condition known as allodynia.



With varying degrees of severity existing, most sufferers will often experience both the outward and inward symptoms of the condition. Sensitive and reactive skin affects millions of people, who collectively spend 2 billion dollars a year to seek relief, control their symptoms and secure the healthy-looking clear complexion that everyone can achieve.

Maintaining a healthy skin barrier is important

People with sensitive skin typically have a combination of a worn and compromised barrier function that sets the stage for dehydration and dullness, which can also range from mild to severe. The weakened skin barrier is usually the result of a combination of internal, external and psychological factors.



Genetics, hormonal fluctuations, stress, deficient diet, U.V. damage, weather extremes, cosmetic ingredient reactions, and lifestyle are all potential triggers for damaging the effectiveness of the skin’s barrier and its ability to guard the skin from opportunistic pathogens and irritants. This skin protection system becomes deficient and leads to transepidermal water loss and reduced lipids (dryness), which in turn encourages the penetration of potentially irritating agents past the skin’s surface.

Effective solutions for sensitive, aging skin

Considering that at least 50 percent of people with sensitive skin are also looking for solutions for age management, it will require a two-part treatment program. First, reverse the sensitivity before adding an advanced anti-aging skin care. Only when the skin becomes rebalanced, stronger and resilient would anti-aging peels and treatments be added to a program, reducing the skin's reactivity will increase its tolerance enabling anti-aging products into a skin-strengthening program. Vitamins and minerals both internally and externally are part of a desensitizing program. Clean formulations that do not contain glycols, fragrance, colouring and other harmful and irritating ingredients are very important for sensitive skins. This is because chronic inflammation has a significant effect on the skin’s aging process.



Remember that treating sensitivity and inflammation successfully is also an essential step for maintaining youthful skin tone and density, as the ebb and flow of life can affect sensitive and aging skin in both positive and negative ways, these special needs must use gentle and effective products designed to promote a healthy barrier function, and make the skin more resilient and comfortable throughout their entire life. The advice that the professional esthetician can provide will blend the needs of sensitive skin as it ages is critical to its care and lasting good health and wellness.


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