Men's Services

Age Performer Facial 55 min $109

Stimulate the skin with alpha hydroxy acids to create a younger, stronger and healthier skin. Anti-aging treatment for wrinkles and expression lines. Deep hydration helps to renew your look.

Balance Facial 55 min $109

For hardworking active skin. This purifying treatment removes impurities and restores balance to oily skin. Deep cleaning for a healthy, clear appearance.

Back Zone Treatment 55 min $105

An area that is often overlooked and difficult to reach. The back is expertly treated to release toxins and impurities, smoothing the skin’s texture to promote healthy skin. Ideal before summer, a special occasion, or a vacation.

Nail Grooming for Feet 40 min $71

Refresh your feet with a soak, nails and cuticles are groomed. The soles of your feet will receive necessary care. Enjoy feet that look and feel rejuvenated.

Nail Grooming for Hands 40 min $58

Hands receive all the necessary care for a complete maintenance. Nails and cuticles are groomed and moisturizing hand lotion is applied, while nails are buffed for a professional and revitalized appearance.


For a full list of available massages, visit the following links: Relaxation Massages or Therapeutic Massages.

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