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Microneedling $199

Activate your biology. Induce natural collagen production.Collagen Induction Therapeutic Treatment. The SkinVacious treatment uses microneedles to trigger, assist, and elevate your skin's natural rejuvenation process. A non-invasive treatment with little downtime, the SkinVacious secret lies in the fact that it initiates a natural process that continues to work and function beneath the surface of your skin for months after the treatment; benefitting underlying health and structure while also enhancing everything you do for your skin. Strong, healthy, radiant skin not only looks great, but is less susceptible to issues and conditions. Add NuFace Micro Current Lifting treatment for $25. 

Microdermabrasion Full face $125

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment and requires no down time.

Skin resurfacing is used to remove the topmost layer of the skin, resulting in a smoother, more supple and vital skin. Our Libra SystemTM wand uses a diamond tip to gently exfoliate the skin, while vacuuming dead skin cells away in a controlled process. Experience softer, smoother, and cleaner skin with a luminescent glow on your first visit. Safe and effective!

Neck/Décolleté $99 extra


Dermablading $125

Dermablading provides a safe and effective exfoliation treatment that provides deeper product penetration, boosting the effects of skincare products while making the skin look and feel smoother. Also beneficial for reducing the appearance of acne scarring. Dermaplaning also removes facial hair that can trap dirt and oils. After dermaplaning makeup application goes on smoother and flawlessly creating a ethereal glow. 



Peels are an excellent and safe way to remove top layers of the skin cells and reveal a new surface. They can be utilized to treat a number of skin conditions and best results are cumulative over a series of treatments. For optimal outcome it is recommended to do skin conditioning prior to your peel(s). Please consult with us prior to treatment for recommendations on the best way to achieve this! (Sun exposure is to be avoided post peel, for a minimum of 48 hours.)

Peels can improve the following:

  • Oily/combination skin
  • Sensitive/Reactive skin
  • Aging/Dehydrated skin
  • Hyperpigmentation/Dyschromia

Smart Peel 30 min $99

In this absolute glycolic peel, we are able to treat a number of skin conditions with our "lunch-hour" peel with minimal downtime and an instant radiance and glow. (recovery 24-48 hours)

Infusion Facial with Peel 60 min $140

A full facial using dermalogical indredients and advanced treatments to achieve noticeable improvement and increase the healthy function of skin. (recovery 24-72 hours)

Level 101->Level 201.

Transforming Facial Peel $165

Intensive, advanced and corrective. You must have pre-conditioned skin and have had the Level 201 peels prior to having this treatment. (recovery time 48-72 hours) (post care products are required for protection and healing. Visual peeling may occur up to seven days post peel. You may not have this peel without consultation or previous peels. SPF compliance is required.)

Level- 301

Flash Peel 30 min $125

Less down time? This dermed intensive deep peel to treat and may be used for acne prone, uneven, mature and aging skin. 

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