O Spa massage treatments are designed to renew and revitalize, while providing health and wellness benefits, including: reducing aches and pains, improving circulation, promoting mind and body connections, while relieving stress.

Note: all session times include consultation and assessment procedures.

Enhance any massage with:

  • 15 min Facial and Scalp Massage $36
  • 15 min Hand and Foot Massage $36
  • 15 min Neck and Shoulder Massage $36

O Spa Signature Massage™ 85 min $172

Non-registered practitioner.

Beginning with a full body exfoliation, jojoba microspheres and fruit acids are used to eliminate the skins impurities. In addition to a full body massage you will be treated with warm stones strategically placed to enhance your experience. We have added a facial massage for the ultimate indulgence.

Classic Massage 55 min $105 | 70 min $130

Non-registered practitioner.

This Swedish full body massage helps to loosen muscles and revitalize tissues to promote overall health and wellness. A deep sense of serenity and calm is evoked.

Hot Stone Massage 70 min $140

Non-registered practitioner.

Try something a little different! Smooth heated basalt stones are used throughout this massage, and are strategically placed on the body. The heat penetration helps with achy muscles and tension, while assisting with circulation.

O Spa Ultimate Massage 100 min $190

Non-registered practitioner.

Nourishing exfoliation is followed by the application of warm back mud, preparing you for a full body relaxation massage. Special attention is given to the face, scalp and feet, to reduce stress and anxiety, while giving you peace of mind and a deep sense of calm. The ultimate relaxation massage!

Aromatherapy Journey Massage 70 min $130 | 85 min $149

Non-registered practitioner.

Your practitioner will consult with you to determine an oil blend that is most suitable for your body, as this will be used during your massage session. Designed to take you to a place of deep relaxation, aromatherapy sessions incorporate more of your senses. 

Sports Massage 70 min $130

Non-registered practitioner.

This massage is highly recommended for both the weekend warrior and the elite athlete. A variety of techniques, including deep tissue and stretching will help to get you back into the game faster and stronger. May assist with removal of metabolites and muscle soreness post activity.

Mother to Be Massage 55min $105 | 85min $149

Non-registered practitioner.

Please note: you will be required to bring a note from your physician stating that you are able to receive massage during your pregnancy.

This treatment will help your body adjust to pregnancy. Postural changes may result due to your expanding abdomen, growing breasts, and added stress placed on your back, legs and shoulders. In addition to massage and breathing techniques, gentle exercises are recommended to strengthen your lower back and stabilize your core.

Post-Partum Massage 55min $105 | 85min $149

Non-registered practitioner.

Both relaxing and therapeutic, this massage uses specific techniques to help your muscles and joints make a quick recovery. Helpful for those recovering from caesarean section (scarring and core stability). Ideal for all new mothers.

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