What can I expect at O SPA?

Expect a feeling of total serenity. We are here to serve and guide you in your connection to your health and wellness. This time is for you to focus on your well-being and experience what you may have been missing. Please turn off your cellular phones, tablet and pagers and leave them in your locker during your time in the Spa Lounge and Treatment Rooms. We practice the highest standards of sanitization and infection control to ensure your safety and a healthy spa experience. Guests that are being robed for treatments are able to use our amenities at no extra charge.

What do I do?

You do absolutely nothing but relax and unwind… Rest and rejuvenate your mind and body!

What should I wear?

Your comfort is our priority, and therefore, it is recommended that you bring comfortable clothing to change into after your treatments. We provide cozy robes and spa sandals; disposable garments are also available if required. Please leave your jewelry at home or in the locker provided. Please turn off all cellular devices in the consideration of other spa guests. 

Do our Gift Cards or Gift Certificates Expire?

Gift Cards: All Gift Cards sold after November 1, 2008 do not expire.

Gift Certificates: If you are the recipient of a Paper Gift Certificate, they do have an expiry date. The expiry date will be stated on the certificate. These certificates were either; donated or given for free as a part of a promotion, and therefore require an expiry date.

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