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Locally owned and operated, O Spa Health & Wellness Centre opened in 2002 and is proud to be Kelowna's premier health and wellness spa. We are honoured to have received the following designations and awards:

  • Member of ISPA

  • Member of Leading Spas of Canada

  • Voted #1 "Best Spa in Kelowna"

  • Winner of People's Choice Spa

  • Winner of Best Pedicure and Manicure

  • Recipient of Comfort Zone International Award

  • Quality Assurance Designation

Leading Spas of Canada

At O Spa Health & Wellness Centre we are proud to announce our designation as a Leading Spas of Canada member. We are honoured to align ourselves with the best in the industry and thrilled to earn the recognition and designation as a member. We pledge to abide by a Code of Ethics and maintain or exceed standards and practices identified by the association. We take pride in being proud leaders of the spa industry, who provide you with an excellent experience.



Sanitation Procedures 

We practice the highest standards of sanitization and infection control to ensure your safety and a healthy spa experience. We use:

  • Hospital-grade disinfectant soap for handwashing

  • Sterile medical gloves for waxing, manicures, pedicures, and medical treatments

  • All stainless steel implements are soaked in professional-grade disinfectant solutions and then placed in sterile pouches

  • All porous implements are discarded or given to the client after the treatment

  • All waxing implements are disposed of after each use

  • Pedicure chairs are cleaned with a hospital-grade hard surface disinfectant between guests and at the end of each day

  • Floors are cleaned every evening with a disinfectant wash


We are fortunate to have staff from around the globe, and offer the following languages:

  • English

  • French

  • Afrikaner

  • Spanish